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Working with bindings on Windows Web Server IIS with PowerShell

Short post today about how you can get, add and remove bindings with PowerShell on Windows Server running IIS (Internet Information Server). I find it more effective to add bindings through PowerShell rather than clicking through the user interface, especially if a website contains a lot of bindings and you have to scroll and look through the list manually to find the binding you want to delete.

10 Quick tips for writing better PowerShell scripts

Want to know best practices for creating PowerShell scripts? In this post I give you some of my tips and practices I use when developing scripts. Something to keep in mind when creating scripts is: a script saves time, automation can mean freedom where you get time to do higher value tasks, less time on boring aspects of the job, and more time on valuable tasks that benefits the organization.’

What is Infrastructure as Code (iac)?

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) can be described with the following: IaC defines your environments, to include network, servers, storage and other computer resources as a text file, this can be in a form of a script or definition, which is checked into version control and used as the base source for creating or updating environments.

Getting started with Azure Resource Management Templates | ARM templates

Tried out Azure Resource Management templates this evening, to learn more about the “Infrastructure as Code” topic. A Resource Manager template is a JSON file that defines the resources to be deployed together through a declarative syntax. A templates can then be deployed via code. I started simple by creating a Resource Group in Azure first and then deployed a Storage Account with Azure PowerShell and an ARM template.

8 Useful network troubleshooting tools

Good evening folks! This evening I am going through 8 command line tools for you can use to diagnose and resolve many network-related issues. Are you new to networking like me and need a helping hand with troubleshooting? This post goes through 8 command line tools and what purpose their serve, to get you started with network troubleshooting in Windows.

How To Troubleshoot Network Issues

Of all troubles you can stumble upon with a computer, network issues might be one of the most frustrating. First instinct when an issue occurs is, “Oh, let me Google that”, and your”e opening the browser to find the message “This site can”t be reached” and you feel kind of helpless.

What is DNSSEC and why is it important?

DNSSEC is an security extension to the domain name system (DNS). This makes it possible to check the reply to a domain lookup comes from the original source and lookup remains unchanged. If you’re not familiar with the DNS term on before hand, Let’s start with a simple explanation to understand the aspects of implementing DNSSEC.